a sat…

called kk on the upcomin visit. not sure if my af really started, but juz call 1st. c how it goes on mon.

applied 4 two stat body role… i guess rejection only comes 3-6m later as usual. shall try 2look 4other opp.

we booked é kl hotel, n he may ask his clg along… orc @nite, i m so happy dar dar offered 2carry my bag… meow~~ i m actually quite sad tat i hav 2resort 2ivf 4bb.. but é cafe latte warm up my heart.  luv!!


at nite, his bro was sayin dun open shop 4a day 2 celebrate his precious son bdae on é same sat we booked kl, n ordered us to participate. we said we could not n they r lookin @chgin dates… omg! his mum actually even wan us 2chg our dates.. urggg! n of course é er xin ah yi family of hers will b here. pui, 什么事都要拖我们下水。y can’t they arrange 4é logistics on their own…


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