thundery fri!!

juz as i was contemplating wat 2tak 4lunch, i boil 2 eggs…  felt a gush n headed 2washrm, thinkin my estimation wun b so b so accurate bah… in é end, tada!! i really see sm light red discharge… it is as per my marking, although it’s not really cd1 real flow, but at least é 21 days of nor-e n full breakout all over my face, esp chin, is a true indicator of menses startin… i called kk but i think i can only call again later or tml, as they mark real flow as d1, n 2go kk d2 or d3 from start of real flow…

i m on way 2massage now, mayb é last one in a while… é very unprof people @é spa can say all they wan, but me am.nkt goin 2sign anythg w/them… they dun really deliver wat they mean.. lik my 90 min massage dun cum w/é mask anymore…

on thurs nite, met up w/é watsapp group gers 2break é curse. hope it works, i got nothing much 2share, more 2listen 2their thoughts…

hav been lookin @hotel bookin, to use up é 1free night earned from europe trip last yr… deciding btwn penang or kl. let’s see how.

aft massage, i walked 2far east 4a hair wash n 2meet ex-clg 4kopi… é salon is 4ever askin customers 2add on this treatm shampoo n that scalp ampoule, or tak a package 4washin hair… the px dif is lik dif of sgd0.30, why will i wan 2lock myself up for 10x of hairwash for sgd 3??
normal sgd18 less 15% from member card = sgd 15.30
package sgd 15
can i juz wash my hair in peace, anyway they serve yummy biscuits, was quite dump to not try it before…


finally meet up w/ex-clg 4kopi @yakun, she is still gorgeous n leadin a happy life. glad for her!

aft é catchin up, i took bus 5 n trf 2 mrt @tiong 2vivo, 4é movie captain philips… so happy we finally finish é gv prepaid card b4 expiry! there is a navy showcase @vivo… things lik this appeal to some…


it’s a very good mv, thanks 2dar dar for wantin 2catch it. will be a loss 2miss it. had drks aft tat @shuffle… nice drk 4him aft a good mv! é singin on this late fri night was soso….more 2enjoy é atmosphere…



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