this journey comes 2an end…

looking back, we had a good lunch @macau, é star world restaurant..

we left macau for hk airport n began a very tiring journey 2é airport… ferry was ok but a bit rocky. we reached hk china ferry terminal n headed 2harbour city for a quick stop… i spent quite a while lookin 4starbucks so é 2of them can hang ard while i breeze off 2look at melissa shoes n happened 2see piere hermé..


aft tat we walk a long long way 2tst mtr stn… climbin up n down stairs..  é bus arrived n é 2 of them din think of flaggin é bus…

by é tim we reach airport 2check in n clear customs.. i was shocked there is not much eatery n no wing wah… opps.. nothin 4dar dar… i grabbed é opal conditioner quickly paid… n sis din help mum buy any food… wat a dumbo…

mum says she wan 2cook maggie mee @hm later… boohoo… let’s see how…


as expected mum is super kan cheong abt gettin luggage n buyin liqour.. so we were hurling bere n there… @é baggage collection area.. n i dun even dare 2ask her abt eatin din…

n we headed 2fd rep 4din… hm packi ..


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