3rd day of more travelling…

we travel from lo hu to she kou via an hour kong mrt ride… n bought a ferry ticket tat departs for macau at 10.30am…

at then it was about 9.45am, we saw many people queue-ing, but it was not for tat macau ferry… apparently people q only ur ferry slot is displayed… hence we r supposed 2 queue @10.10am. crossing é customs was fine, it was air con n orderly… boardin è ferry was chaotic. people push whenever possible.

we reached macau aft an hour plus wait n ferry riding. 2our surprise, it’s grand prixe, mayb not f1. we walked super long 4bus ride. finally found aft a lot of guessing… n we realise canot tak airport ferry from macau coz we r travellin w/tiger!! ta da! we r goin 2tak ferry back 2kowloon n then bus A 2 1  back 2airport!! i think é smarter way is to tak cab 2kowloon airport mrt stn from é ferry terminal n tak è mrt!! but apparently airport mrt n taxi rides are not allowed… so boo hoho, we hav 2tak all é luggage n find our way 2é bus stop…

with grand prixe, a lot of roads r closed… n tat missy wanted 2buy biscuits… so we walked via very narrow temp set up passage way 2è ruins of st paul, n fought with é 1million chinese there… on è way back, it rained… drizzled… so messy…

finally bought n return 2hotel 2drop é bag, i can finally start my sight seeing in é malls… é big n beautiful ones… missy followed…. but i think it is bored for her… @least it’s in clean n air con place… btw while walkin through é malls, i saw many shops sellin è same brand of cakes… i find tgese thgs usually go 2dustbins, y not save é earth…

return 2look 4mum, while we r away, she showered, shopped, explored, n managed 2get è dried scallops wanted… i tot it’s quite ex… but she feels happy… glad she enjoyed everythg she bought… i took her keys n wander off… she said canot as it was dangerous… but i think it’s even more dangerous in shen zhen… while she is pickin é sgd2-3 items for an hour, i had 2wait @roadside… poor me…

anyway glad i wander off, i managed 2walk 2é sea facin oriental n caught beautiful fireworks… n found out mgm offers free wifi @a very lovely space with a beautiful fish tank!! best!! i chatted with L on cancelled medan flight… i think we r skippin lake toba n returnin lik 10am on è sun morn…


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