muscle ache on a mon

as expected, wok up w/achin thigh, arms, neck muscles… i rem seeing dar dar on é light 2change or work… but dun rem biddin him goodbye…

i hav 2 aptm originally, lunch aptm w/my kakis from ex-ofc n kakis @night b4 hx goes for delivery… but as yy was not well due to menses, we postponed é din to 2weeks later… better also as i was achin all over… é circles spots r where my muscle r aching… ouch!!

lunch was hyprocritical as usual, but i m glad we r nt clgs anymore… theae days no1 speaks from é heart anymore… easier 2get along as frens… mrs drama was boastin how much she luv work n é new territories she conquered. but i feel so sad 4é clients n people working on this client.. she may be able 2force certain thgs öut, but does she really know if it’s done in a correct way n if it’s her own team problem/fault in é 1st place… haizzz another bimbo on é block…

anyway i enjoyed é food, gyu kaku set lunch always makes me feel value 4money… too bad i din tak any pics… coffee aft lunch @joe & dough, é star n é emo princess cam along too… emo princess had sm questions 4me, i juz feel so glad i m nt there anymore… é team continue 2work sense-less…

é drama queen continue 2live in her own world w/her self-crowned god…

i went 2jems 2check out sm stuff aft tat, it started 2pour soon n i learnt that there were bad floodin in parts of west…

now i m on mrt hm, i shall grab a korean book @nex library later, i wan 2self learn some basics…

when i return from macau nex mon, i will wait 4af 2start, then my fresh ivf, then pray 4good results n hopefully er happens by cd14, et by cd16, n many more embroys 2freeze… i hope 2start working by é tim i return from medan, n bfp b4 xmas!!

念力, 用心想就会实现。。。

shall start packin soon… lookin at my kose travel size, i think i will bring toner, moistriser, eye cream , sunblock. pump out sm lancome liquid foundation, brg é mini mineral powder, small brush, nars blush, blush brush, liquid eye liner, MAC mineral eye shadow n é small sponge eye shadow applicator….


my ham is 1week plus old, let me try 2finish it asap…

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