steppin into NOV, spending é noon at jb

it’s NOV!! disappointin results from so-iui in oct… n é mth slip by juz lik tat…

1 nov – we attended é ivf counsellin by kkivf center, dr liza was é doc conductin é doc briefin part… i ask dar dar aft é session on wat he feels… he said those workin will b difficult to cope… n lots of days off needed… i ask him if he thinks it’s scary… he said.é scary part is on me not him… he ask if i m ready… this is é scenario y i din wan 2work till i finish this fresh cycle…

btw no bbt for now, nor-e makin my bbt haywire…

actually as long as he is good to me, dotes on me, i can do anythg 4our baby… but nowdays it seem lik i m é only one being affectionate… nvm, his is é luv of my life, no matter wat makes him happy i will try 2make it happen!!

he says i m fat, so let me try 2lose more weight..

2 nov – padini sale of 50% off store wide begins… we fought an hour q at johor customs, n by é tim we reach city sq it was 3pm plus… we tried é small hk café, good price average taste…



3 items from padini, 1 small box of kueh bulu, 1 cover for my note 3, smthg with card slots, not my fav design, but bo bian, é samsung shop sgd35 cover gave way in a week…

din at old town, it is indeed cheap n their toast taste quite nice… better than those @hm…




return journey back 2woodlands was easier… orderly q at bus berth, quick boardin of sbs 160 n 170 buses…

since it was still early, we hang around plaza b4 goin 2é shop… at supper, had 2listen 2his poor bro greviances @work, sm örgñ breed crazy managers… but actually y do we hav 2listen… we also got our own problems… 我也很烦哦哦。。。

he said my cousins r not easy 2get along as they r very high class.. but his dear 2nd sil n uncle family r also very dif 2get along… i m also tryin very hard n put in a lot of effort 2try 2chat with them… i know he hav never been a chatty person, so it’s ok…

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