cd 31, cycle 14…

it’s 12am on sat, 18 oct.  we r @shuffle, i m lookin st sm1 drk lychee beer from tw. i wonder if i can mak it to bt, n if i can/will b drkin nx week… wonder wonder wonder ooOOooO…

we actually only cam out at 9plus aft a 2hr nap… on é sofa… lik sm party ple…


headed 2tcc at clark quay for his bdae mth privillge, 50% off é bill… nice ribeye, his wangu beef pasta is nice too… shuffle had seats 4us, n realised they dun carry Kronenbourg on tap anymore, too bad…

changed é patch 4last tim, din imagine i can survive till last dose…

omg, jus as i was preparin 2leave é house for hotel, i saw sm red in é yellowish discharge. when i reached é hotel @2.30pm, i still went ahead n got é folic acid first. n to starbucks 4j’s earl gray latte n a hazelnut latte 4myself.

at 4pm, i could nt see é red streaks anymore, so i took é folic acid w/tap water.

but i see more red ard lik 8pm when din starts… gosh… so scary.. i din brg duphaston, coz i thought watever will b, will b…


now aft the 8pm moment, did nt see anymore red streaks. but w/bbt droppin lik crazy… will i ever get 2mak it 2bt on mon… wed is doc visit, even if no bfp, i really hope can start back2back so-iui.

spoke 2a pastor from bestie church, he mention to pray, n attend miracle healing sessions. children are gifts from God. i told him i m already prayin very hard…


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