cd 28, cycle 14, scary week

this is é week, esp these few days, i m so scared 2go toilet n wipe… n jus as i cam out from shower, i m even more worried… i think i see sm red trace, n my boobs r not sore nor painful  anymore… omg… nt to mention, bbt droppin… i wonder if i can even mak it to bt nex mon.


pass é whatsapp order 2é buyer’s daughter juz nw, intg, she put é $$ into a golden angpao… nicee… my smh bulk listin is endin.. let me think of some promo 4my giraffe shelves…

they tak up spaces… i want to try 2 get them movin fast…


i was cuttin up é boxes to fit my cupcake stand for mailing. done with é small boxes, managed to pack them neatly. nex will b é 2big big boxes, shall do them b4 this week ends… tidy up é place… i m on my way 2mum’s place 4din alone, dar dar is @vendor place, nt free to come down… let me tak sm pics of é cardboxes for rememberance…

n since meetin é old shell hse ofc kakis, i thought it’s better tat i go back myself.

actually thinkin abt it, feelin scared is of no use, doesn’t change anythg… if not preggie af will start smhow…

nice catch up w/old kakis @orc central, surprised another old fren is really leavin é orgñ too… many evil bosses around… all é best for him…

these r the boxes i m tryin 2tidy… tml is ironing clothes for sat, bestie big day!!


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