cd 26, cycle 14, 11d past so-iui

i wok up 6.45am from his alarm, i got up to check he is also awake… i took my bbt, n it’s dropped a lot..

n i hav quite a lot of bumb on lower cheeks… growl…


i m usin a new app for bbt as there is no kindara in android phone… sobz… bye bye 2all my old data… i only hav pdf copies of é charts now…

half awake, i checked é emails n saw i had an order… é princess cupcake stand!! i went 2post ofc 2post ard 1.30pm, é auntie was really blur hope it doesn’t get é package lost…

later in é day, i rec’ed another n interestingly, this lady hav é same chinese name as me… she was orderin é giraffe shelf, i rec’ed é bank trf n will try 2send her item tml…

he got off work n we went ikea lookin for é tap. on é way there, i suggested 2try é oyster egg at tampines my ex-clg told me b4… we ended up in a very foreign neighbourhood. it’s nt é correct place but it’s an intg neighbourhood. we tried é oyster egg n mixed carrot cake there…

subq we managed 2find é correct neighbourhood police post n kopitiam tat sells supposedly yummy oyster egg, shall try nex tim…

aft ikea, aft changi city point chill, we went 2simpang bedok 4supper… yes, supper again n simpang bedok again! another shop today, their bee hoon goreng is superb!

we went around bedok grocery shoppin, many places… happy 8th anni to us… i really hope 4good baby news, but i can only hope…


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