cd 25, cycle 14, hm-ing on sun

we really din do anythg this sun… i was finishin my dvd, preparin é round chinese spinach from sheng shiong, kept laundry… he was ok 2eat @hm, so i whip up 卤肉饭.



cook é tw rice from é precious little one since cny n é 五花肉 from sheng shiong… while é main dish is simmerin in é claypot, i fried é chinese round spinach w/garlic, too salty… nex tim will add much less of é seasonin bought in m’sia…

showered, no pre-af spottin, yet. looks lik he does nt wan 2go out… so here we r stayin @hm. watchin hk tv drama…

finished all é food, washed up all é utensils, pots, claypot & pan. now let me plan wat to do tml n tues, public holiday!!

a closer look at é 卤肉饭


cum 14 oct 2013, it’s our 8y together, woohoo!!

sis n mummy plannin 2go hk in mid nov, still wonderin if i can go w/them… questionss….

while watchin é hk tv drama, he also help me sew é fallen button from my beloved nautical shorts. heehees.. if he dun help me then i guess i will send it to mummy 2é rescue!!

at night, ard lik 10pm, he actually said he’s hungry, we crawl 2mac n then to ntuc to buy a bottle of soy sauce 4my little kitchen!!


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