cd 24, cycle 14, 9d pass

腹部酸,  dun even dare to think y.. this morn, i saw sm very faint brown stain on pantyliner… is it a sign af startin… pls dun…

fil bdae din later… hate 2c tat drama mama, pui. roll eyrs.. err… as expected, é din was extremely tirin… we hav 2look aft é folks, clear up é table 4 more dishes, strech across é table n help é folks w/é dishes…

by é tim din finish, sent folks hm, it was almost 11pm… we went 2é roadside drkin hole near rangoon rd, too bad é crew was already packin é music stand… so we tried shuffle, no seats, n we found this little saigon place, nice music, windy by é river. we explored each other’s samsung android phn.. n i wonder if i can drk nex week…


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