cd 22, cycle 14, it’s a week past so-iui

there r ongoin crampin, usually af crampin starts near af.. but i hav been crampin since past iui… bbt is quite moderate also at 36.6…  i really hope 4 bfp n healthy baby born 9m later…

discharge wise on n off, quite creamy… é forum mates said discharge is better than dry… higher hope, but again no implantation spottin.. so…

today is é jb day, headed to city square with wln, wlg n yy…

in summary cw yellow bus:
– to jb from queen sgd 2.4, can pay via ezlink
– from jb to queen, myr2.5

opi spa mani + pedi & opi nail care (cuticle care n base + top coat) – myr 140+20= myr 160
good colour, good pdts. moderate hygiene n service.



tang shi fu lunch – myr 61 each pax
good choice of soup, it was sharkfin bone soup w/sm herbs..

taiwanese grill – myr 2.50 each 4quail eggs, myr 2.20 for abalone slice. thanks 2wlg, she was tellin us this stall serves great grill!!



i fell in luv w/é #947 desert sand nail lacquer colour… found a salon in s’pore tat carry this brand, it cost sgd21. let’s c if they carry this colour…


i din go 4any massage, even though dun dare pin high hope on bfp, jus in case… n w/é patch stickin on my back, how to enjoy massage… foot massage should b fine, but i really nt too keen leh…

aft nails, we went to xiu liu shan, i left aft tat as i was tired n nthg 2 shop, it was also mainly 2hav din w/him. but he din reply my sms. in é end i walked while it was drizzlin 2tak bus80… only 2find out aft tat he is meeting g 4din. nvm, shall cook congee 4myself…

nex trip, padini sale should b early nov, let me try 2check out é shortlisted dress n short.

there is a intg shop nex 2nail addicition, sellin pots of soup… mayb can try nex tim…

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