cd 15, cycle 14, another follow up

it’s 3day of puregon 100, really hope è follicle is growin well, iui can b done on sat, n it will b a bfp…

we will see…

am @è clinic now, è q is short, lik 10 person b4 me, but it’s movin slowly…

was tellin my watsapp group abt sarcastic remarks from people in my life, wat to do, suck it up, try wat we can n keep movin…

it reminds me of a quite u saw last nite @kelvin master fb


4 more person till my turn for è scan, hope è follicle is growin big n ready for bfp!!

right – 16mm
linnin – 7.3, no triple

well, è min siz is 17mm, linning should @least b 8. i did not meet both, but opk shows almost positive. è duty doc thinks iui should b done tml, fri 4 oct.

hcg, administered by nurse @kk
patch sm hormones for 3 days
duphaston-progestrone for 17days

dar dar took half day leave tml, poor baby, runnin around with me…

i m prayin very hard, please let this b a bfp n we hav a healthy baby! we will raise è baby to b a kind person.

postin of reg mail, n din @little vietnam, yumzz…


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