cd 12, cycle 14, 3rd scan for so-iui

back to kk @10am…

linnin 5.4, right 1 leadin follicle, @ 11.5mm, rest r lik 6-5… left side, è dominant 7.5mm one remain.. è rest @7-6mm…

up puregon to 100 from mon – wed, return on thurs, hopefully è growin follicle is 17mm already, n best if iui to b done on sat, tat will b cd 17.

i cam back aft a quick visit 2paper market @city hall, to use è voucher b4 sep ends…

è old sofa is taken away, hello new ikea sofa tml!!

bye bye old sofa, u served us well for è last 4.5 yrs… è cushion is gettin soggy, time 2replace…


for è time being, we r left w/a table @living rm… lik so ke lian..

cleanin ceiling fans, re-organising wardrobe, cleanin è very dusty top shelf, tv shelf, changin bedsheets, buzy buzy…

prepared dinner, è onion mince beef was an invention, simple… shower, dar dar went 4a haircut aft work b4 comin back…

dinner was kinda yummy… not bad, shall try 2finish è rest of è frozen fish…



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