cd 34, cycle 13, my orders arrived!!

è logistic co. called me on tues n tried 2arrange 4delivery, too bad wed noon do not work for them, so we fix it on sat morn, 1st stop 4è lorry driver… it really did n è driver called me lik @9.50am n said they should arrive in abt an hour’s time… i wok up n waited 4 their arrival. i kinda hear è lorry parkin, n ran out 2point è lorry è right lift 2tak…


yeah, it arrived n there were lik 11 big cartons n 1 small box… unpackin was messy! è giraffle shelves orange n yellow came in cartons that was wrapped with styroform, n è bits was flying all over è living room n corridor…

next is this big box for green giraffle with è kitty n frog shelves tat was wrapped with canvas where small shreds fly all over è place as i cut n took out è contents…

juz as i m movin è empty cartons 2corridor, i heard è floor washin gush… gosh! so zhun! so i dash out n bring the cartons to ground floor void deck 1st…

stopped a while 4congee n continue.. many many thgs 2pack…

luckily he wok up after i finish packin.. if he saw tat mess i think he probably faint…



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