cd29-33, cycle 13, new week

sleepy mon

è rest of è week was choppy, wed kk visit was fruitful, doc actually changed my protocol to type 2!! i was literally tellin è doc wat to do lik i was on clomid for 7cycle, n how it did not work, and if i should continue with it this iui.. so è flow was tat i waited 2see doc lik 1.5hr pass my 10am aptm time, and waited another 15min more for tat clinic D fertility doc 2change è protocol and issue some forms, called kkivf center.

è kk nurse manager went around distributing jacob biscuits, was really sweet of them as it was around lunch time.


my name was called again, i was accompanied to mak paym, n sent to kkivf 2wait 4my turn 2b brief about this new protocol.

so with all these done, i went to è pharmacy 2pick up è med.. while waitin, i realise i 4got è mc, i ran back 2clinic and asked è nurse if she can help me ask for a mc from è doc… she confidently said yes and returned with a slip 2mins later… my last med @subz px-sgd1.40.

post kk, i went 2bugis ramen place, it din tasted as good, mayb coz i wasn’t tat hungry or coz i was alone or coz of è biscuit from kk nurse mgr… pick up a pre-paid sim card from s-h, now i m waitin 4my online nano sim card adaptor 2arrive to start è watsapp thing n also publish this num# on my sites…

i was away from ofc è entire morn…

btw tat star is indeed preggie, i canot imagine wat will happen if i m still there.. tat big rock may juz land on me… poor me @then, how do i cope with iui n these shit… even i may seem so stupid to leave my seemingly glam job, i kinda feel no regrets…


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