cd 20 – 21, cycle 13, fri nite alone, bright sat!


dar dar out w/G & R on fri nite, so i went for massage, very luckily there was a slot. è session is shiok as my fav n pref therapist did it for me… n i finished my clarins body shappin cream… nex was supper w/yy @mohd sultan mid-nite korean bbq, è black pork is really yummy! è short beef rib was a bit overcooked, n soup a little too bland. suntec gaia is much better… i like è though, hite, sm kind of korean beer… è bill came up to sgd 111.10, a very costly supper…

we talk abt plans 2seoul aft i leave my job… looks lik it’s viable, we may really b goin in oct!

places i may wan to try this time – hair salon, make up, facial, nails, local spa, shoppin @dong dae mum, mario outlet, source for goods for my online ahop. more korean food! but è air tkts r not cheap @all, esp for è wkday combi we r lookin at…


sat is a lazy one… i was buzy checkin for air tkts prices, n facial in seoul.. nap on è sofa for lik 3 hrs ++, gosh, bad habit…

i kinda feel i should start pickin up korean language again… from today onwards..

at night, tried è csh hardware shop coffee n saw chen han wei @è cafe… so funny… dar dar dun really lik tat cfe, i think it’s not bad.. it’s actually under papa palhita group, tat’s explains è very stringent controls on coffee bean roastin…


talkin abt sofa, i can’t wait 4è new sofa to arrive, hope we can arrange for delivery è 1st week i m off work… i wan to browse è new catolog of ikea furniture now… while waitin n bo-liao-ing @mil shop…


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