cd 14, cycle 13, sleepy sun

his first dose of tcm this cycle, he did well n drank all…

hanged è laundry in é noon, kept è bed linens, washed up all è pots, bowls n med boiler… so sweet, wat else can i ask for… she juz dozed off on sofa with a very heavy head…

din @nex food court, simple yet yumzz…

on è way hm, he asked abt drkin coffee, i never say no 2ya kun, so funny he is ok w/drks aft din smtimes… with panadol aft nap, my headache kinda went away. phew~~

è only watsapp grp member @nuh ivf
bt for hcg is today, she had a well deserved 2weeks rest, with sm work in between. hope to hear good news soon, i will b sincerelly happy for her!! i guess so will è rest of è gers…



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