cd 11-13, cycle 13, surprises n orders

abt 3days aft my 1st order @dg65, some of the orders or queries on specific started comin in… i kinda manage 2have it cleared, and now i m waitin for the last seller with 2 orders to deliver b4 i arrange for delivery to s’pore… there was one main item wr è volumetric weight was almost double of wat i was expecting.. but boh bian, gotta accept it n ship 2s’pore still… i guess many more surprises to come… this is juz è very begining…

this fri was quite an non-event one, we wanted to go for ba ku teh, but in è end went to a cafe @jalan basah named windowstill in è woods…

their kong ba bao taste quite good, yumzz~~ pie was a bit over-rated n over priced.. cafè latte not bad, but small servin… no wr to go, n not meetin kakis, we went 2lights night @bras barsah bugis… windy, arty, good experience…

sat morn, i wok up @8.30am, tried 2do up my online shop fb page, nice try, still not publish, once my goods r here, i gotta start takin pics, buzy weeks 2come…

i guess my mind is not on my day job really, hopefully all comes to an good end… i can only do my best…

sat early noon, a surprise knock on è door tat we canot go out in è nex 1hr 20 mins coz of re-cementing, so he drove me for 4pm facial..

this week, today, i had è final dose of tcm… it’s really yucky… how i wish i nv hav to tak these things… but nevertheless, if this brings success, i m more than happy too!!

tml will b his 1st dose, jia you dar dar, am sure u can swollow it too!!


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