cd 5-6, cycle 13, many thgs to read n do on a sat!!

took half day on fri, we went jb w/his clg n clg’s gf… great trip, albeit we din buy anythg, but still love it!! we went to sm very unfamilar places 4din… exciting n really yummy~~

i kinda feel i should start preparing my online shop, so on sat, è moment i wak up, head to geylang post ofc, rented a po box, completed acra regn, contacted a few more sellers, submited to buyin agent orders arrangem…

at night, he sent me to vivo while he headed to shop to help out as mil is at è hungry ghost din event… now we r back @è shop, waitin 4è event to end, n head for supper!! i think i will b hungry later…


indeed very hungry!! meow~~ supper @kungfu paradise, borin..



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