cd 35 – 37, cycle 12, a very long wkend in s’pore

thurs was tough – worked till 9pm w/o lunch, crazy… entertaiming sm crazy minded clients…

fri – sleep all i needed, long mrt ride 2jems, lunch n kopi w/sis.. good catch up albeit nothing 4shoppin really… no sale, urggg…


dar dar cam n fetch me 2imm 4shoppin, n buona vista 4refund of é swimmin complex value card!! finally!! i got back sgd18.90, he thinks it’s worthy 2had come n redeem this card’s value…

it was almost 8pm already by è time we were about 2leave è swimming complex. probably around 7.45pm, he suggested to go watch è fireworks, n we dash down 2raffles place via ecp 2catch è fireworks!! manage 2get a restricted view @asia sq, we simply stop by è road side 2watch… an exciting try!!


beer market aft è fireworks, i had a
fuji strawberry beer, n a pure blonde bottle beer… it’s enough to make me knock out when back @hm… zzZzZz… anyway bottoms up to singapore, happy birthday!!


this beer market @clarke quay invites very good happy hour performer n live band late @night…

sat is an exciting one, i made a trip 2è mkt for some grocery shoppin n collected my h&m white jacket from è laundry shop nex 2ntuc, kinda find their packagin below standards, but nvm… it cost sgd8, it’s not as ex as i thought… cooked some congee @hm n sis suddenly ask if we r following their car 2jb via tuas 2nd link.

i shake him from his sleep a bit off we go 2jb on a very short notice… n i finally bought my rock salt… although i rem it as rose salt from è last visit 2tebrau city supermarket, but nvm juz buy 1st…. @the mall, we shopped a bit @padini, grabbed 2good buy, it cost myr 41.40…

we went 2a local night mkt 4dinner, there is a large open air hawker there too… è road heading there was kinda daunting, it started with some very nice terrance with guard n fences to a very worn out n poorly maintained flats… the hawker itself was quite simple, prices r not good too… kinda raised for s’poreans customers i think!!


after being out for the last 2days, i think we got quite a bit of packing 2do tml… housekeeping time!!


back 2è focus of our lives now, my menses IS STILL NoT here n HPT shows BFN…. bbt remains high n i feel lik pre-af symptons… mayb i should try è tcm med tat brgs on af… those tat were left from prev tcm visit…



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