cd 29 & 30, cycle 12, buzy start 2wkend for her

this fri, she work till 8pm.. tryin 2catch up on è back log stuff… she’s lookin 4ward to end these nonsense soon…

met dar dar @bugis tried a really interesting ramen food hall… i muz say his choice really taste better, but mines rich garlic taste made up è shortcomin too… more shoppin n redemption of groupon gelato… instead of goin hm, we headed to play nation @princep street, 2try out è kinect (xbox360), it’s really fun n my arms r sore till now, when i m @mil shop, adding this entry…



as soon as her menses start in aug, whe will hand her resignation, tak è last dose of tcm while servin notice, if è tcm really does not work out, hopefully iui starts when she’s free from work… will b able to go for all è follow up with a peace of mind..

nex, while doin iui, she will try her hand on settin up online shop, puttin her ideas to work… n try to understand how this market works… fb page is impt, so is q00 webbie… she will hav a lot to learn n work on… it’s no guarantee success, n sure she will not draw as much as workin… but @least i try wat i really wan to do well now, all è way out, no regrets 2speak of in è future…

on sat morn, she cooked congee with all è things he hated, n ta-da… tice-cooker made congee does cook raw egg too… with chilli padi + soy sauce, and corainder, yumzz…. half a cup of rice is juz nice 4 1pax…


i hav been tryin hard to tak advantage of è mat leave wr one is paid for not workin… 3.5m of salary is a lot!! but i guess it’s really not meant to be for me to enjoy.. with the burden of work left behind, with new style n traditional tcm + accupture pre-treatment, in è power of modern science jabs n needles, may we be blessed with a smooth pregnacy and healthy baby!!

one of my ttc watsapp fren er was on fri, et mon. 2more et scheduled later part Aug, i sincerely n whole heartedly wish them success, we all come a long way, tried n endure all we can… may our wish, for a good cause come true…


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