cd 24, lazy brkfast w/kaki

it’s always nice to catch up, we hav so much to talk…. i think we dun need 2force ourself so hard, tak one thg @a time…

from my fav show, 时好时坏、 日子还是要过。。。


back hm, i fried bee hoon w/braised trotter can, n è freshly bought choy sum, nap, swam 7 lap, bought sm misc stuff from ntuc, then hm, fried è rest of è choy sum n boil soup with è balance of è chinese spinach from mummy….

i m very thankful he likes mince meat, so tat we can hav some simple dishes w/mince pork or beef as n when we need to… i really hope i can b preggie this mth, although i know it’s not possible w/a poor ovulation…

if i strike this mth, i dun need 2worry abt my work, i can juz endure till due… however i guess i m not so lucky… so i still gotta see when i need to throw in è towel…



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