cd 23, cycle 12, sat back @tcm

it’s 27th jul, è scheduled date back @tcm… despite è medical record card entry on aptm, we still waited, it’s been an hour, n we r still waitin…

è guy nex to us cam alone, he seems very impatient, n lost… he is playin badminton n table tennis on my note 8… phew~~ luckily he is entertained.. if not it’s goin 2b a tough wait…

no matter wats è outcome of today’s consultation, hope we can get aptm 4nex visit… we reached @10.45am, let’s c wat tim we end…

juz aft i input è last line, my name was called n it’s my turn.. we still waited 1hr plus, but it was much better…

è funniest thing he met his fren there, sm1 he got 2know during a short exchange programme @last job..

doc comments: ovulation on left, folicle not as big as he wanted, but he still gav us a pkt of med 2help implantation… n i bought nex cycle med also…

i had quite a bit of brkout this cycle on right n left cheeks, quite a significant one on left especially… let’s c nex cycle..

hope all is good… diagnostic scannin, information session 4iui… i guess both in aug, if we still do nt hav gd news aft tat, iui n more scary thgs 2come…

had a good long nap @hm, kinda sleep away è bad throat… help out @è shop. abc tw porridge aft shop closed..

he was very keen on watchin wolfverine, n we caught è 00:35 session n reached hm @lik 3am, slept @4am… woohoho!!



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