cd16, cycle 12, as è cycle goes on…

on his health, i think it’s improving.. recoverim from è very bad flu attack… back also doesn’t hurt so much! my cough also improving, less throat irritation esp in è morn when i juz woke up…

today is a buzy day, market for fresh mince meat, joss stick n fresh flower.
tabao prawn bee hoon soup 4btkfast. off to zsnn temple on a cab, n went hdb hub @tpy 2view sengkang hdb model…

facial, pedi, n managed 2catch 1hr nap @hm b4 ah ma’s bdae din…

his bro return from tw 4biz trip… passed some pressie 2è loved ones @taipei, hope they like it…

and now we are@ è shop again, him packin drks, me buzy updatin my blog entries…


as usual @è bdae din juz now, well meanin relatives ask when r we havin a baby, my response is we need some luck!!

on è ttc track, bbt dip this morn, opk shows 2equally dark line in è morn, n i got quite a bit of strechy discharge on thurs n fri… his sa test was on thurs, been 48hrs since, we muz catch this window!


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