cd12, cycle 12…

his 1st try on tcm med, clapp!!


his was on mc today, n he brought bb black 4servicin. hope it last 4a good time. i should try 2improve on driving!!

btw i shifted bb black 2a lot on sat night… so proud of myself!!

my fav kang xi left a sentence on my mind. 妳一定是妒忌他才会讲她坏话… tat’s not my style… please dun… there is nothing tat is happenin on others that i wish 4 coz it’s not for us….

aft i read é adoption home study requirem, i really freak out… i dun know how we can manage it…

i read é ivf flow, n see how my watsapp frens prep 4egg retrival, 2ww, frozen embryo transfer, gosh, so scary!! i also dun know how 2survive tat…

i cannot imagine goin 2work aft those injection n med!!

this oct is my 3rd year in this team… i think it’s time… oct is not that far… i really not into in é political struggles… b it cat or dog fight…

i really feel lik goin tw 2fly lanterns… i wan 2wish 4bfp!!!

nex wed is my aptm @kk, will it b another c u nx tim… with all é blood test n past examinations, hope doc is willing 2do further diagnosis…


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