a wkend of many thoughts…

i thk my clg j might b preggie… i m nt sure if i can b strong enough 2stay throughout…

actually ultimately if i m not thinkin of fightin all out, should i put down everythg n try hard now…

better 2try hard now than 2regret in é future when i m older…

i think i hav made up my mind… unless smthg happens in è nx few weeks tat can change my mind.


i super feel lik goin shoppin, but due to tat dumb system upgrade testin, i had 2stay @hm till 9.30pm… in é end, as usual, it could not tested @é scheduled time, n needs2 b postpone to 7AM on sun, dumb dumb dumb!

whoever gers preggie is none of my biz… wat is ours will come when time is right.



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