my dental aptm, hope it closes this long tim problem…

2nd root canal reconstruction aptm tml…

let me clear these long tim problem 1 by 1… will try hard 2ttc, hope it works out… even if it do not, at least i know we tried… tried hard…

in é end i only did root canal, for é last molar, é dentist feel can only try 2clean do a crown, cut é outgrown gum n do a crown… est sgd2k

é broken tooth, it needs 2b replaced w/implant… it cost sgd5.5k, medisave can use abt sgd1.2k, é rest by cash n it feels very painful… i will definately do é last molar… é other one i need 2 think a bit…

bought cooked crab back, n cooked congee…

back hm i checked out é brew med… all é water is gone… n it’s only 1 small bowl. i drank jt, n it’s yucky!! there was inxn on how 2use é pot…




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