medical visits hopping on a sat

it’s a buzy sat, kk bt on cd2, parkway tcm nex, no gadgets, waitin lik a fool!

è bt @kk was a breeze, it cost sgd175 after subsidy, sgd355 before subsidy. 2 tube of blood n i think results when i see è doc on 24th. it was very quiet @clinic D today, all docs away on conference, @kk itself i think… only room2 is staffed with nurse n attending patients.. i also learnt that sat aptms r private patients. subsidised o&g does not allow sat aptm…

hopefully è doc aptm on 24th would include scan, so that è doc can tell @least if i ovulated..

è tcm visit was very interesting.. é way é patients q is very auto… stand up, move… in btwn got preggie patients will b slot in… i forgot to tell him abt my pcos, but i did mention è last cycle i had spottin from clomid n still no ovulation…

he gave us a few doses, particular dates to brew tcm med n mark è period to bd… è 1st output from è tcm will go 2è lab.. n to our possible future aft tt..

é total fees is sgd 245, i thk pot is sgd 95, med is sgd90 for me, n sgd 60 for his…

there were many many people @è clinic today! n è wait from beginin of q till end is 4hours! é crowd @ é tcm is quite interesting… they look quite workin crowd… well prepared 2q n wait, patient n brought lots of cash!

he got a summon ticket @è red-white type season lots… opps…

after a few months of not doin anythg much, we are gettin buzy to ttc, almighty dieties, please help us! bless us with a healthy baby! we will bring up è baby well n è folks will be more entertained! we will hav a chance 2invite fil for lunch on sat or sun n gather w/junior… bless us please!

finally hm ard 4pm, we dozed off to nap till 8pm n finally back @mil shop… so refreshin to b able to tak a comfy nap…

fil discharged from sgh n back @shop, phew~~

somethin to add at work, despite è promotion n $$, i wun stay for long.. i hate this yucky place, politics all over!





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