cd 35, cycle 11. è proven dip!

it’s è usual dip, hope it turns out to b proper cycle… at least i can see tat parkway tcm on sun if menses start on thurs.. otherwise è nex day 2see him will b wed, aft he re-opens from his weekly 2rest days…

indeed after a round of heart attack, i saw some spottin, had lunch n another round of madness…

i guess if i dun see anythg tat looks lik heavy flow later, them bt gotta b fri or mayb sat morn… shall check è forms again…


we closed shop aft sgh visit, drop mil off n headed 2da bao at his fav fried carrot cake!

checked é kk forms, bt possible on sat too. if af starts tml, mayb i will go bt fri noon or sat morn… i suppose 2ovulate from left ovary this new cycle, i shall try all i can n will def go tcm at parkway too.

thus is è, container i leave at bedside, keep cotton wool n antispetic wipe… i think it b here 4a long long time still…



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