cd32, 33, cycle 11, familar backache…


juz when i thought a miracle may b on it’s way…bbt looks good, clomid taken, try juz b4 bbt spike, so no bfp..

keep moving forward!!


made a quick din, started @8, finished @8.30pm!! not bad, kinda love it…


back track on è wkend, on sun we headed 2city sq @jb as i wished… we parked bb black @woodlands center, n walk over 2è customs.. we had a good time trying out i-dragon, ktv (w/lunch), explorin è mystery lvl 6 cathay mv tkts q… i can’t believe in such a mega mall like this, there is only 1 to 2 counter open @main box office on lvl 5… we really found è lvl 6 mystery q!! it’s indeed shorter!

wat i m so so touch is he din wan 2go @all.. but i got so interested aft talkin 2kakis on wed!! he actually read up on tat mall n find out wat 2look out for… although i din get 2dine all è restaurants i planned, it was still very fun n relaxin 2walk around è malls… n despite è long drive n rainy morn, he did not grumble @all..

**so sweet**

è tpx jeans shop tat i love from many yrs ago is still around!! i bought a new jeans, very tight one!

we returned 2s’pore ard 6pm, took an hour 2reach bb black…

we cam home, re-pack è cakes, brought them 2mummy n got her to alter my newly bought jeans..

buzy sun, loads of laundry 2do.. we had lik 4bamboos full of clothes!!





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