cd 30, cycle 11 today is è day!

TODAY is my kk referral aptm day!!


i was so nervous tat i could not sleep
well last nite! we chat a lot b4 he dozed off…

in è morn i bounced off our bed n quickly mak my way to wash up!

we reached kk @7.50am n got a good q num! NUM 1!!


The regñ counter was not opened yet, so we headed 2MAC for brkfast… with so much nervousness, i could not finish my orders…


When we got back, we register n start off w/takin height n weight n blood pressure..

Next we waited for a while 2see è on duty doc, she was not very int n well verse in fertility issues, i guess n feel…. all she did is buzy copyin è details… n my case needs 2b referred 2fertility specialist… she also ordered sm blood test, as i wished!! till now i still cannot figure out if é nex doc visit is @clinic d, lik subdz fertility specialist… or kkivf specialist…. i guess it’s è former… 24 jul i will know…

there were 3 forms for bt, i guess @least 3 tube of blood. walk in 2kk clinic d, no need mak aptm – on cd2.


we return 2è regn counter 2mak pytm, sgd 30, tat’s realy affordable!! è wait is actually shorter than dr heng n dr esther!

Returned 2work, crappy day as usual n farewell ktv w/mr smoking… he is movin to smthg else in è organisation! congrats!!

Was cravin for è geylang oyster egg so badly, i took 2 bus 2 reach tat cfeshop, n return w/another bus!



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