cd 28, cycle 11, 2 days 2kk aptm

today is wed, dreadful day, so much to b done@work..

è haze seems to b back.. sianzz… it rained heavily in late morn, kinda helped a bit…

i saw my aptm w/kk is with this dr bernard, he is è head of kk o & g, can’t b rite.. i think tat’s his deptm coding for general aptm…

in é evening, we had a quick din @macp hawker, n met kakis 4ice cream @a café near our place. tried their ice cream waffle, nicee gatherin! sgd9.9 for waffle w/6 scopes of ice cream..

i hav 2somethg stupid, early call tml… hate it, boh liao…

n i stayed up till 12 midnight smthg 2call sm big shot in u LA who suppose 2chg è world… too bad big shot canot join us today..,


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