cd 26, cycle 11, wait…

i guess there is more waiting 2come…

è weather is turning better, hope it stays this way…

my group of watsapp fren talkin abt go fortune teller, i was wonderin if u go calculate ba zi, n the person tell u tat with ur hub ur own ba zi, 子孙福薄,wat will u do?

i dun dare to go all long, if the person tell me dar dar n me not meant to b together or no bb, i think i may breakdown…

help, when can we our own bb, i knew it’s tough, but i din know it’s so so tough!!

we went bedok point pasta mania for dinner! So happy to try é pacific rim special set, good deal! We visited sheng siong n bought sm grocery, cook fish congee @hm for tml brkfast, tasted some b4 puttin magic pot. i was takin a very long tim 2boil é congee, din really figure out why. he stepped im2 é kitchen n off é fan, é pot boil immediately, wow! how can i b so stupid! always fun 2hav him @hm, around me…




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