Cd??, 20-22 jun, lost count

Bad haze, but life goes on…. 7days 2 kk visit… sluggish day @work…. can i tak a break??

On thurs he managed 2get a box of n95 mask 2share w/his clgs… so we got 6, passed 2 to mummy n daddy @nite… 2 for his folks…

On fri, i wore è mask while walkin 2mrt… the haze on this fri morn was very bad… many was wearin mask while on é way 2mrt…

on fri morn, he managed 2 buy 2 more boxes of n95 è firm shape one… and off i m packin for his folks, ah ma, bro family on sat morn…

on a separate note, we watched quite a bit of movies recently… man of steel, now u see me n world world z!! i muz say ww z got è best story! despite many gruesome scenes…



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