cd 14, buzy wed off work

we set off abt 7.40am, gösh, earlier than a working day for me…

it was quite interesting waiting for tcm n polyclinic clinic @same time… we cleared all… in è end polyclinc referral letter & aptm making completed before we got too dr chan. by è time i returned
to clinic, there was still 1 couple waitin b4 us…

KK aptm b @28Jun, fri.

tcm says he feel a lot of muscus, right ovary sleepin, big area not workin… he feel è ovulation this mth is on right, n it’s not good, too small. è cheek pimple this mth is on right, so qiao?

mr morpology not good, juz by feelin è pulse. this ties in w/è sa report we done b4…


while waitin in è morn, he hopped over 2coffeeshop 2buy brkfast, n he bought my fav… melts my heart!!

we went to 112 katong for acc’p, poh heng @parkway, tried a famous fish soup @parkway hawker as char quay tiao was not open. è fish soup is kinda
plain.. but very fresh fish i muz say..

movie @112 katong aft tat, n chinatown poh heng followed by satay by è bay!

by è time i hit è bed, i m so tired!


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