cd11, cycle 11, this wkend freaked me out…

this cycle from è begining is weird… those brown drops never stopped and menses cam 12d past expected o, kinda too soon.. i did do hpt a day b4 af started, it was bfn!

from cd9, fri onwards, those brown drop becam spotting, real dark red lik last day of menses… with sm red streaks in btwn… n it became heavier over the wkend… on sat when i tot is finally stoppin, it turns out aft the concert, it became much heavier! overnight 2sun morn was clear, but there was still some on sun morn when i stepped out for facial… i never had so much spottin b4, not even when we were @korea where i had pink spottin…

i m not sure if it’s caused by clomid, or i actually achieved bfp, juz tat it was not detected… i guess è later is unlikely.. since bbt is lowww…

i called dr chandra ofc n asked if it’s ok tat i waited till wed 2see him, è nurse said come on mon, so off i m to see him tml… i asked dar dar not to come with me, i really dun know wat’s è caused, i dun wan to freak him out… there may b more bleedin durin è scan… it may b sm abnormal growth which means we hav more problem…

n i feel some tightness on lower end, both left n right side… on è face, i hav 1 pimple on right cheek aft 2day’s facial, è kind without a distinct “head”.. my therapist said there r a lot congestion on cheeks, but they r è toothpaste type.. not è usual pearl drop type caused by hormones…

tml should show if i hv any folicles growin this mth… even if dr chandra say there isn’t, chill n call kk for è aptm.. we can overcome this…

è concert is fantastic, albit too short, i wan 2buy front seats nx time! i will tak leave 2buy è tkts!

we played badminton again today, it was great, love é way we sweat durin each game… 2nd badminton game this week… love it…

i was so tired aft è game, n was aslp
when è 3load of laundry complete… he hang them up all by himself.. not perfectly done, but not bad lar… sweet!



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