cd 7, cycle 11, 7days to nex doc ofc

as he wished, i m not pullin him 2dinner outside now… instead i tak my time to cook @hm… jus for myself… he can eat all è bread he wishes.. and when i feel lik shoppin ard b4 goin hm, i will go alone…

è visit to dr kwai clinic yesterday was as usual, she do suspect my ovary membrane is thick, è ovulation happened more than 36 hrs aft è shot… i will try to go for acc’p aft hcg jab this time, if there is a growin folicle 2begin with… i dun hav a major breakout on cheeks this time, so let’s c wat happens nx wed…

i m very tired of è continuous dif doc visit, when m i goin 2b pregggie??

badminton on mon was fun! i sweated buckets, and i wet è whole uniqulo sports singlet! have soaked è clothes, shall try 2wash it later…

takin ew train hm is horrible… how can it b so crowded!!



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