cd 30, bbt crash prove it all?

if bowel passes today, af starts, it proves è same thg again…

i really passed out lots today, in è morn!

in è noon, juz b4 tat idiotic meetin, aft lunch, i see brown discharge! lik é usual..

but è difference is it din follow w/pink nor red blood right away.. even till tonight.. at 10pm as i m writin this..

nevertheless i rush back 2get a fresh supply of clomid.. tonite is è last nite clinic for è week… nurse will call me 2confirm nx aptm… not sure if dr will feel cd14 / cd16 better…

he drove 2parkway aft è clinic… i juz wanted to go walk walk…

let’s see wat happens nx few days.. i really hope it’s preggie spottin, not pre af spotting, but i m really over this guess stage.. i shall b factual!




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