cd17, headach-ee-ing thurs

was @dr rod clinic, headache…

not sure if it’s frm è hcg jab or.. juz a headache on it’s own..

i struggle w/lunch n slept entire noon… despite so noisy… i was really hungry, but the headache made me bearly able to sollow è food…. i threw away most of è noodles…

awake around 4pm, toss a bit on his side of è bed and @5.30pm finally got off bed. feelin better.. step into kictchen n started with cookin rice 1st, learnin from the mistake last round…

i google for grill saba recipe last min, and managed 2prepare smthg decent enough 2grill.. i used è super heat function @first, but i thk it does not work… so switchin to grill, è skin dried up n gave a crispy texture… i pour a little teriyaki sauce and it’s ready…

è chicken drumlets were marinated since lunch, and with è shitake mushroom from prima chopped, it’s ready to be cook w/saba!

took è last 2eggs from è fridge, yay! fried w/super low heat and using one of è glass pot cover to prevent any splattering.. it was a bit cooked, but nvm.. better try nex time…

he said it was not bad… love cookin @hm…



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