cd14 on 13 May

è last tcm session reminded me there
are a lot more we can do n control n track ovulation better…

on 13May, dr chandra saw a 15mm folicle on left ovary.. earlier this mth, coincidently è left cheek near lips had a big pimple too, not sure if it’s as per kose face breakout map or random coincident…

dr chandra is willing to track folicle size 48hr later, so i shall return wed 7pm.. linning 6.5 – 7 mm..

come wed he shall review n see if he can administer hcg jab n give progestrone..

was preparing dinner juz b4 headin 2clinic.. n con’t cookin aft è doc visit.. went waffle mix hunting b4 goin hm..

my scramble egg, pre-pack jap curry worked, although carrot n onion was too raw…

for è waffle, è flour texture is good after mixing.. but i shall try to add more flavour nx time. 4 more try with this red man mix.. nx tim i wan to try betty crocker mix…

i dun hav è ewcm tues morn, in è noon it was slightly better.. but i hav to b prepared, if on wed è folicle shtunk / did not grow, this is nothing but a wasted cycle.. try harder…



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