hanoi exploring apr’13 part 1 of 2

6 apr, we took off 2hanoi. this is a trip booked since cny.. gosh, é sq gkts r super cheap! sgd766 for 2return tkts..

upon arrival, è hotel staff pick us from é arrival gate, we boarded a luxury toyota camry n set off 2é hotel!

é traffic dun standstil, even when traffic light turns red… for me, it was ok.. everywr we go, he would hold my hand… esp when we cross buzy roads… n in the very messy city, he studied è map n we breeze through all…

despite been geared for hot n humid week, it turned out cool n dry most of é time, n the jacket i brought for sapa turn out in most pics…

é 1st 2days are ok.. old quarter n french quarter… nothing special… we roamed around till it was time for sapa train.. è bellboy who brought us to è train station is so cute! he was frantically
callin è reception cuz we were too early…

nevertheless we boarded è bunk bed train n set off to sapa.. é lady opp me on lower berth is from china.. she speaks vietnamese… quite chatty…

there was a rail accident juz before lao cai station.. so the train like stopped for an hour, then move to another location, wr we climbed down the train to transfer to another train 2lao cai… tat scene was so dramatic! luckily everyone was calm n patient, locals n tourist alike.. helped each other, n moved to the transfer train…

from there we reached sapa, meet up é driver n started an exciting hour long ride to sapa town! this driver skill is good n he is a bold one… we met out guide, we soon started trekkin to the villages… there were some village people following us throughout till lunch stop.. i was so scared n i dun even dare to talk to them…

they did dampen our mood to admire é beautiful landscape… if only they are not around.. we will be able to enjoy it better… è food is good.. although it’s quiet, like hardly no one dine there…

è rest of è hiking made me feel really fortunate to be born in s’pore… è return
leg from sapa is really funny.. w/a local playin pop songs from mobile loudly n hittin his head.. i fell asleep to é
music actually…



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