super hot sun!

was workin on fri, buzy n shitty day… still catchin up on backlog… din n drks w/him aft work… ph sleepin for him… smtimes we really dun know where 2go. s’pore is ex!

sat is groupon ba ku teh aft meeting kakis, smthg different, klang style bkt, no refill of soup tough…

nice catchin up w/kakis… hope we can do it more often!

hot & humid, can we get enough of this sticky day n night!

tcm acupuncture 2day… feel è needle a lot… 1st session aft a super long cycle…. glad 2start fresh, yet again no hopes.. 2avoid more dissappointm!

hav been chatting w/some fateful ladies ttc hard… iui / ivf… struggles w/life, hope we see light soon…

he muz b super poor thg livin w/me, messy, lots of hair everywr, always changin my mind last min… him drivin all over…




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