counting down, 3more days…

thinkin back…
takin clomid doesn’t mean will ovulate
checkin if there is big folicle doesn’t mean there is egg
with an egg release from burst folicle doesn’t mean it’s good egg
even if is a good egg, it may not meet è sperm @è right time
uterus lining may not be ideal even if ovulation/fertilisation happened
fertilised egg may not make it’s way 2implant in uterus even if è lining is good…

my temp spiked this morning, wok abt 1.5hr later then usual… thinkin abt it now, it may actually be è beginin of dippin.. opps..

mon morning bbt will mean a lot…

dinner was nice, tat’s b4 i adj n realise it’s a dip…





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